My Whole Deal

OK, I guess I’ll go into it and tell you some stuff about me.

My name is Paul Tabachneck (Tah-BăSH-nick).  I’ve been around since September of 1974, and I take up about 1.05 humans’ worth of space, give or take.  I’m running lately, to try to get it down to 1 even.  I’m pretty tall and built wide, so I can only do so much.

I’ve done stuff!  My catalog of releases so far includes 3 Album-A-Days, 5 EPs, and 7 full-length albums, spread out from 1996 to today. End-to-end, I’ve written about 200 songs or so, although I think the most of them I’ve liked at the same time is about 40. I’ve led a few bands, by names of ManPig, Everybody Wins, The Awkward Situation, Dead Pressed Flowers, and Stone Soup.

I do stuff!  I write songs, busk, play music shows, develop websites, do the occasional improv thing, act in friends’ comedy film thingies, and record.  I’ve scored web segments for, as well as HuffPo Women.  I’ve just finished my new album, Two People Made This Mess, coproduced with Brandon Wilde.  I’m very proud of it, and hope you’ll add it to your collection!

I’m a misophone, and hope to bring more awareness about this condition, any way I can.

I live in New York City, and grew up in Pittsburgh and various cities in Michigan.  I can be found at a Steelers bar for every game.

Do you want to know more?  Click the contact link and email me!