New America is ready for pre-order!

You all know I don’t do political songs very often, if at all — I’ve always felt too ill-informed, or that the issues moved too fast for me to beat the pace of obscurity with the recording/releasing process. It took this heap of shit-covered shit to push me to a place where not only were the issues clear as day, but every day that passed made each part of this song a little more relevant, rather than the other way around!

I’m putting New America out on a 7″ 45 RPM record with a song called The Monster on its flip side — I’m charging 10 smackers and giving the profits to the ACLU Foundation. The 99 percent need their lawyers now more than ever, and I have zero interest in profiting from this dark-ass clown-fest.

So, please, click on the “MUSIC” link on the top of the page and go pre-order your copy of New America b/w The Monster today — I’ll have them in-hand by 11/8, which is good, because I’ll be coming to Pittsburgh to do a release party at the Funhouse at Mr. Smalls with my good friends in Brewer’s Row! Buy your copy now, I’ll bring it to you there, or I’ll mail it to you when I get back to New York.

Love and orange vinyl,

Paul Tabachneck

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