Monday 3/? Taking a Mulligan

I missed one! I forgot one Monday to indulge my need to vent to the internet. If you were waiting for that content, I’m very sorry to have disappointed you.

This past week was an unusually work-heavy one — my boss at the day job was off on a vacation all week, so I did lots of network stuff flying solo (with a consultant at the ready, natch.) I discovered that I’m pretty good at my day job! Which is great for me, but boring for you.

I met with one of my clients about re-cutting a pilot podcasty thing, which will require me to fashion an extra piece of music and cut some stuff apart and together, all fun things. I showed a friend what I was doing and he said he needed somebody to do the same thing at his office, so it looks like I might be lining up clients at just the right pace to get things off the ground! Gotta love that.

I experimented with synth for Clap Along — swung but missed. Not every idea from this brain can be gold, guys. Most of them? Just not all.

The album is soooo close to done. I’ve listened through it all the way few a bunch of times now, and I’m just so excited to share it with you guys! I kind of can’t believe I got to make it, it’s so full of stuff that I didn’t think would translate from brain to disk but totally has. I think of all the albums I’ve made since Glutton’s Dozen, this is the one that comes closest to sounding exactly like it did in my brain. I’m hopeful about the mixing and mastering processes, as Brandon and Allen are both very capable hand-havers.

I had a great night at the PATH Cafe this past Friday, playing for a lot of unfamiliar faces. The energy in the room was high and buzzy, and the clapping along on Clap Along was the best it has been since I performed it at the Sidewalk Cafe in 2008. Maybe it’s the start of a trend upward for that song! I sure hope so, ’cause it’s leading off the record.

That inspired me to go out busking on Saturday, which resulted in a lot of great feedback, including one woman who told me she’d heard me play over a year ago and had been trying to find me ever since to buy a CD! She said, literally, that it was a “dream” of hers. I’m flattered as heck, and of course, glad I could help her fulfill that dream. :-)

The apartment is starting to take shape. Ana has gotten a lot more active about unpacking her stuff, and I’m starting to look like the slouch. Much to do tonight, including putting my XBox together after an unsuccessful repaired attempt. It may be time to retire the poor thing.

How are you all?

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