Obligatory New Year’s Post

Another ball has dropped, leaving us all to pick ours up and get moving. I’m out of the cliché NYE resolutions — I’m drinking less, eating healthier, losing weight, recording, experimenting with riffs — for once I’m coming into a new year in full swing of getting everything I need to get done, done. That said, here are some things I am determined to make happen before the end of June:

I will get my mailing list in order. I’ve started using Mailchimp, and will start using it more to update people on what’s going on. If you’ve ever given me your business card, or if you supported the rockethub campaign, just put ectohitch@gmail.com in as one of your accepted contacts so I don’t end up in your spam folder, and you’ll always know when and where I’m playing! There will be a form here soon for signing up.

I will fulfill the Song Monkey requests. I had a cosmetic dentistry setback that further extended the break I took after the rockethub campaign (to say nothing of the first not-good-enough attempt at Save Tonight), but there’s lots of great stuff in the queue, ranging from R Kelly to Oingo Boingo, and I haven’t forgotten my obligations! I will not be one of those crowdfunders who doesn’t make good.

I will finish and release the album. We’re aggressively attacking this album throughout January and will definitely have the whole thing done by the end of February. I’m thinking late-spring, early summer for release. Those of you in the Executive Listener’s Club know that we’re pretty far along — if you listen to it in its current state, it actually fits nicely alongside Here Goes Nothing — but we’ve got lots of ideas for how this thing will sound at the end, and I think we can realize them without breaking either back.

I will get my licensing in order. I signed a deal with Shelley Bay music to license my music out for syncing in television and movies, but as of yet haven’t been able to supply them with all the tools they need, namely that of instrumental versions of all of my tracks. I don’t think there’s a way to get it done with “Glutton’s Dozen” — the technology used to record that album has been phased out, and would be extremely difficult to rig back up — but for “Boy Meets Girl” and “Here Goes Nothing,” this is completely feasible and will get done. The new album is also going to have those versions made at the time of the mix, so we can get crackin’.

I will have a definite plan in place for my wedding. I think this is actually going to happen sooner than later — Ana and I have been tasting and talking, so we have the list well-narrowed — but it bears listing.

That’s a lot of work there, and I’ve got even more planned, but I don’t want to give away too much. Suffice to say this year will be one where I provide as much content as I can, as proficiently as I can, and I’m not going to stop unless I am killed.



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