Track 6/?: Sally Forth, Castle of Cards (1996)

I… I don’t know.

Is it cute? Is it good? I can’t. It’s…. Why did I do this?

I know it’s bad form to rip things apart that might be your favorites, but this is just kind of silly. OK, let’s dive in.

I guess there was somebody I was trying to get to just give in already (Is this a Sally song? Maybe) to loving me, because that’s how I thought love worked, and I was viewing her whole thing as an unstable, if temporarily integral structure, one that it was my responsibility to guard because I was so freaking gallant.

I’d like to take a moment right now to thank and apologize to all of my friends for the time they took out of their own lives nurturing my feminist leanings until I could get to a point where I understood that I was less a feminist than a full-blown asshat that thought he was a feminist for a good long while. My mother was a strong influence on me, and I never once thought I had misogyny in my makeup but on some level it’s kind of clear looking at this song that I really did. I thought this woman was crazy — I was crazy.

I’d be surprised if somebody didn’t think about taking me to task about this song, then change their mind, because the line about falling in love and playing a game of Crazy Eights was cute enough to forget that the only way I could see her falling in love with me involved BREAKING DOWN HER ENTIRE WORLD.

You might think I’m being hard on myself, that it’s “just a song.” Maybe back then I thought that way, but I don’t anymore, and it’s probably because when people take that approach, they write sloppy illogical things that betray their inner biases because they don’t take the time to temper them. Maybe 1996 Paul just wanted another song, and thought things were getting too morose. It was definitely in my mindset back then to at least once in a while try to come up with something funny so the audience wouldn’t get tired of listening to my whining, but DUDES. This is BAD.

This shit right here is why it’s never OK to take the lazy way out, just to have a new song. Some songs don’t deserve to be written, and this one certainly had no place asking people for money.

I am sorry I did this.

Thank God BinWah is tomorrow, so I can get back to talking about lyrics that MATTER.

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